Monday, February 4, 2013

Digital Asset Management for the Small Post House

Video storage on multiple drives isn't the most efficient method of archiving media..
Video on multiple drives isn't the most efficient archive method. 
I've always wondered why someone doesn't build a digital asset management system (DAM) for the small video post house. Every video asset management system or DAM I've ever seen is priced way too high, generally higher than the video edit system itself.

As someone who has run a small multimedia post house, I cannot justify paying more for a supplemental tool than I would pay for the video tools that earn my bread and butter.

It seems like a company has final figured out a way to make a DAM that doesn't cost more than your core toolset. On Wednesday, February 20, the Boston Avid Users Group will showcase Axle Video, a company that builds software that can help you manage your media projects. Unlike other systems that require you to check media in and out, Axle automatically takes care of discovering your media. Just point it at your existing file system (Mac or PC) and it will index all the files and update its database in real-time as new files are added or removed. Axle provides a simple web browser interface that lets you manage all of your assets from any location.

I look forward to seeing this DAM / media asset management system live at the next Boston Avid Users Group meeting. It will be interesting to see how this system stores and finds media for multiple video projects. I'll report back once I see Axle Video in action.

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