Monday, May 21, 2012

The New DV Fanatics Blog

Editing video on a nonlinear editing system.
Editing on an Avid nonlinear editing system.
Welcome  to the  new DV Fanatics blog. A discussion of digital video technology and tips including video production and post production. A blog written by a DV fanatic for other DV fanatics.

What is a DV fanatic? A DV fanatic is anyone who is interested in the art or technology behind digital video (DV) or digital cinema. I will use this space to write about technology or techniques that I find interesting. Hopefully this blog will become more of an exchange, than just me sharing ideas and opinions.

I started my editing career as an Avid Editor, but edit on any tool I have access to. Some of my video editing blogs may be Avid-centric, but others will not.

I hope you join me as we explore the realm of DV Fanatics together.

See you next week. Until then, here is a sampling of some of the videos I've had the pleasure to work on.

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