Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Ten DV Fanatics Blogs of 2012

The most popular DV Fanatics blogs of 2012.
The end of the year is always the time to look back on the previous year and reflect. The DV Fanatics blog started in May of 2012 and has been a lot of fun to write. The blog on freelance video editor rates remains the most popular blog to date and hopefully we can continue the discussion in the coming year.

Here are the top-ten most popular DV Fanatics blogs of 2012 (most popular listed first):
  1. Freelance Video Editing: Determining Your Rate (May 28, 2012)
    How to go about determining your hourly rate when working as a freelance video editor.

  2. Avid Editing Tips and Tricks (Aug 27, 2012)
    Commonly used video editing tips and tricks for the Avid Media Composer nonlinear editing system.

  3. Steadicam for your iPhone Video Camera (Jun 11, 2012)
    The Steadicam Smoothie works perfectly to smooth out the video shots from my iPhone.

  4. What Format is Your Video Sample Reel? (Sep 17, 2012)
    In the past, putting your demo video on the web meant more would see it, but it also meant the poor quality of compressed web video.

  5. Avid Editing Tips and Tricks - Part II (Nov 19, 2012)
    A collection of Avid editing tips and tricks for softening and stylizing transitions in your video sequence.

  6. Dissecting the Video: MGM-Style Film Open (Dec 3, 2012)
    Creating an MGM-style film open relatively simply using Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and After Effects.

  7. Post Production Workflow: Ingest Video (Jul 30, 2012)
    Video input into your nonlinear edit system is the most important component of the digital post production workflow.

  8. Post Production Workflow: Output From Edit System (Aug 13, 2012)
    Output or preparing your digital elements for archive, is the final step in the digital post production workflow.

  9. Post Production Workflow: Editing Your Video (Aug 6, 2012)
    The edit stage is the most creative component of the digital post production workflow - where the actual video begins to emerge.

  10. A Great Tripod for Travel (Sep 3, 2012)
    A tripod to support the digital SLR camera I use for panoramas, as well as my HDV camcorder.
Here's hoping that everyone has a prosperous and happy new year. We'll see you next year.

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