Monday, July 15, 2013

Random Digital Media Thoughts

Digital video and technology discoveries, observations and wonderings.
Digital video discoveries, observations and wonderings.
As I begin to prepare for a short vacation, my mind starts to wander. A lot of thoughts about different subjects run through my mind.

Some of those thoughts are about the upcoming vacation, others are just random thoughts. I've compiled some of those thoughts that cross my mind from time to time. At least those thoughts that pertain to the DV Fanatics realm.

These are some of my discoveries, observations and wonderings that may not necessarily provide enough material for a blog of their own.

Google now has Goggle to scan and look up images. You can use it to translate signs or identify landmarks.

If you want to create a link to a Facebook discussion, click on the "x hours ago" link and then copy the URL. This is a permalink directly to that discussion.

Avid Pan & Zoom, in the Avid Media Composer, gives no sign of what the current filename of the image loaded is.

I'd love if PhotoShop title slides imported into After Effects, could retain their text elements as text, rather than rasterized layers.

Clicking the SHIFT_ARROW adds shadow in the Avid Title Tool, it's completely inconsistent with how SHIFT-ARROW works in other parts of the Avid interface.

When will the Avid Motion Effects editor become a usable tool?

For that matter, when will the Avid Title Tool become a robust tool?

Is there a reason that Adobe Media Encoder does not read Quicktime Reference movies? The same reference movies work fine in After Effects, but Premiere Pro has the same problems.

Why won't Avid allow me to adjust the Color Correction effect on a nested layer while still seeing that layer in reference to the composite?

Why is there no line spacing adjustments in the Avid title tool?

Will some of these wonderings be answered in the next versions of the software?

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