Monday, July 8, 2013

Video Professional Job Postings

Beware of the companies that want video professionals but don't want to pay.
Beware of companies that want everything for nothing.
As a freelance editor, I'm always in search of my next gig and I frequent job postings from a number of sources. I see too many postings that are altogether unrealistic - calling for advanced skills in all areas, but unwilling to pay what just one of the skills is worth.

In a blog entitled "Is Being Just a Video Editor Enough?", I wrote about the necessity of mastering more than one skill set. This is important, but there are some companies that demand all skills, but have no real concept of the true value.

You can tell a lot about how a company will value your skills going forward, by how much compensation is offered initially. For those companies that ask for everything and are unwilling to compensate properly, I would advise anyone looking for their next job to continue looking. A company with good business practices, recognizes what people are worth and is willing to pay the going rate.

Those companies unwilling to pay the going rate are not worth considering.  When you see these companies who say there are looking for the best talent, but can not offer the going rate, take a look at their reel. I can almost guarantee, that their work is of low quality. The old saying, "you get what you pay for," remains true.

If you're looking for your next project and you see a posting that requests a qualified crafts person, but is offering 'exposure' as compensation, in my opinion, they are really looking for a recent college grad. Presumably a college grad living with his or her parents with no bills to pay. In such cases, I would still recommend honing your skills on personal projects rather than giving something of value away for free.

As I wrote in "Freelance Video Editing: Determining Your Rate", taking work for lower than the going rate has an adverse effect on the entire market. Doing so sets an expectation that lowers the value of the video professional craft you represent. You may think that you can offer your services for a low rate and then raise them on the next project. Unfortunately the expectation has already been set. and you've established yourself low-rate professional. You are always better off charging the going rate and working hard to prove you're worth it.

So the next time you see an ad in a job posting asking for one person who does all of the video production and post production jobs, but is paying far below the going rate of one skill, keep looking. You will never be a valued member of that company.


  1. There is currently a race to the bottom in all industries. The question is do you go out if your way to set them straight?

    1. I wouldn't try and set them straight. If you have to justify the market rate, it will always be a struggle to be reimbursed fairly.

  2. As I've told potential clients, if you can find a cheaper editor, hire him/her. Just keep my card...

    I don't lack for work.

    1. A lot of times those potential clients may come back after the bargain-basement editor has screwed up their project.

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