Monday, August 26, 2013

Digital Video Resources Available on the Web

Finding resources and support on the web for video editing professionals.
Resources for video editing professionals on the web.
In past blogs, I wrote about LinkedIn Groups for the Film and Video Pros and Facebook Resources for Digital Video Editors. This week we'll discuss some of the other resources for digital video professionals that are available on the web. These resources are stand-alone resources and aren't part of any of the social media websites.

Many of these resources have been around a lot longer than most of the social media websites and have contributors embedded in some of the most established video post production facilities.

Anyone can take advantage of these resources and tap into some of the most experienced video production and post production minds out there. It's a good idea to observe the groups and get a feel for the communities before jumping right in. A little bit of knowing the community can go a long way.

  • Adobe Community - The Adobe community is the place to find discussion forums on all of the Adobe products.

  • Apple Support Communities - The Apple support community for professional applications includes discussion forums for all of the professional video products, including those that are no longer developed.

  • Avid Community Forum - This forum is part of the Avid company website. It is a forum specific to Avid Products and has a number of long-time members and the forum moderators are video professionals. It is also frequented by Avid employees and sometimes answers come directly from Avid.

  • Avid-L2 - The Avid-L has been around almost as long as the internet. Although not directly affiliated with Avid Technology, the Avid-L is frequented by representatives from Avid.

  • Creative COW - Creative Communities of the World has discussion forums for all of the important tools used in video production and post. 

If there are any resources that you find useful, but I have missed, please feel free to add them in as comments.


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