Monday, May 20, 2013

DV Fanatics: The First Full Year of Digital Video

A full year of digital video blog content about tools and techniques of video production.
The DV Fanatics Blog is one year old.
It's been a full year since the DV Fanatics blog kicked off in May of 2012. Although the number of comments written directly to the blogs may not have been a large number, I was very happy with the some of the discussions that the blogs have sparked on both LinkedIn and Facebook. In fact some of those discussions have contributed to the content of blogs themselves.

Here are some of the blogs that initiated the most discussion:
  1. Is Being Just a Video Editor Enough? from March 25, 2013 is discussed in the Digital Video Editing, TV & FILM JOB LOOP, ProVideo Coalition and AVID EDITORS groups on LinkedIn.

  2. Video Editing Systems Wish List for 2013  from December 24, 2012 is discussed in the Television & Film Editors - Avid & F.C.P. group on LinkedIn.

  3. Video Services Provided for Free  from April 1, 2013 is discussed in the Business Video Marketing and TV Production groups on LinkedIn.

  4. Freelance Video Editing: Determining Your Rate from May 28, 2012 is discussed in the Video Editors group on LinkedIn.

  5. What Format is Your Video Sample Reel? from September 17, 2012 is discussed in both the AVID EDITORS and Final Cut Pro Video Editing groups on LinkedIn.

  6. My Favorite Video and Multimedia Software Tools from January 28, 2013 is discussed in the  Film & TV Professionals group on LinkedIn.

  7. Adding Effects to a Chroma Key Foreground in Avid from May 6, 2013 is discussed in The Avid Editors of Facebook group.

  8. Motion Effects in the Avid Editing System from January 7, 2013 is discussed in The Avid Editors of Facebook group.

I hope you've enjoyed the blogs as much as I've enjoyed writing them. I look forward to more discussion in the coming years of the DV Fanatics blog.

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