Monday, September 23, 2013

Film and Video Professional Communities on Google+

The film and video production communities for professionals on Google+.
The film and video communities on Google+.
In the past I have written about my favorite LinkedIn Groups for the Film and Video Pros as well as Facebook Resources for Digital Video Editors. This week I have a list of my favorite professional communities for digital video editors on the Google+ social network. These communities are great places to share ideas and discover new techniques from users from around the globe.

The following list of Google+ Communities are in no particular order other than alphabetical order.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro Users - Users of the Adobe Premiere Pro editing system. This community includes group discussions of new plugins, events and films from users.

  • After Effects Users - A community of like-minded people all looking to learn a bit more about Adobe After Effects and Motion Graphics. This community is a great resource for tutorials, tips and tricks, plugins and job opportunities in motion graphics.

  • Avid Media Composer - This community of Avid Media Composer users includes discussions on troubleshooting and general Media Composer information.

  • Editing and Post - An editing community to share your knowledge, ask questions, post related news regarding tips, plugins, events and jobs in post production.

  • Filmmakers - A community of filmmakers passionate about that has to do with making movies. This group contains discussions about pre-production, post production, gear and DIY solutions.

  • Independent Filmmakers - A way to connect with the independent filmmaker industry. This community includes discussions about filmmaking, film festivals, equipment and script writing.

  • Online Video Production - Learn, share and discuss online video production. This community has discussions on equipment, filming, editing, sound and distribution.

  • Video Editing - One of the largest gathering places for video editors on Google+. Editors from all over the world discuss NLE solutions, events and job postings in post production.

  • Video Makers - A large community of Video Makers on the Google social network. Members of this community can discuss events, video making and tips for better video production.

  • Video Production Worldwide - A place to interact with video production professionals worldwide. This community includes discussions on video pre-production, production and post production.

All of these communities are great resources to learn new techniques and to meet your peers in the industry.


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  2. So happy our community "Video Production Worldwide" (now changed to Video Production Professionals) made your list. I am also a member of many of those communities. I didn't know about "Video Makers" though. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I'm glad this blog has come in useful.