Monday, September 30, 2013

Professional Video Editor Job Resources

Online web resources for finding professional video work.
Web resources for finding professional video work.
Last week I wrote about Film and Video Professional Communities on Google+, which had followed articles on LinkedIn Groups for the Film and Video Pros and Facebook Resources for Digital Video Editors. This week we'll feature a list of some of the resources available for finding your next job as video editor.

These aren't necessarily resources that come highly recommended, but instead are just more resources that you may not have already thought of. The listings are in no particular order other than alphabetical order.
  • Elance - From what I've seen of listings so far, a lot of the opportunity postings are looking for work done at "bargain-basement" prices. I will check in from time to time and see if that changes.

  • LinkedIn - The listings on LinkedIn are more general than some of the other resources, but they are paid job placements. I generally feel more optimistic when I see listings that are paid for. It generally means the companies are willing to pay what the position is worth.

  • Mandy - Keep in mind that permits ads recruiting lo/no paid work only if they are on self-funded, not-for-profit short films. Unfortunately, a number of companies violate those terms. The good news is enables easy filtering out of lo/no paid ads. The Avid Editors of Facebook recently had a discussion about a company that was in obvious violation of the terms on

  • New England Film - This free resource is obviously dedicated to the New England area only, but there might be a similar resource in your area. Similar to, this resource also lists unpaid jobs, but they can easily be filtered out.

  • ProductionHUB - This listing doesn't have the quantity of some of the other resources (in the Boston area at least), but the listings they have seem to be more directed at professionals. This means there are very few of the no-pay jobs.

Although this isn't a long list it contains some of the resources I check in with from time to time. If there are any websites that you use on a regular basis, please feel free to add them into the comments section of this blog posting.


  1. It's hard to find jobs that pay decent rates. On most freelance websites I see most people are looking to pay really low for incredible work. Also a lot of them are looking for people in Asian countries for the really low rates.

    1. It's hard to find companies that understand the value of the work.

  2. My unadorned list of media oriented job search sites has been live on the web since 1997! Most gigs shall come your way through personal relationships. Here on the web, despite creeping Facebook-ism, LinkedIn remains your best bet. Next, have a look at my free list once in a while for additional ideas. Feel free to alert me via commentary below to nominate additions and clean up broken, defunct or inappropriate links as time goes by.

    1. Thanks Bruce, looks like you have a lot of good resources in there.