Monday, May 19, 2014

DV Fanatics: The Second Year of Digital Video

The most discussed DV Fanatics blogs of the last two years.
It's been two years since the DV Fanatics blog kicked off in May of 2012. We've covered a lot of topics over those last two years, some of those topics have sparked some good discussions in online venues.

These are some of the blogs with the most interaction that took place as either comments on DV Fanatics, or as discussions in LinkedIn and Facebook.

The blog topics below are listed in order of the most discussed first:

  1. Video Professional Job Postings from July 8, 2013 is discussed in the Business Video Marketing and TV & FILM JOB LOOP groups on LinkedIn.

  2. How to Become a Video Editor from November 11, 2013 is discussed in the Film & Video Editor and  Digital Video Editing groups on Linked as well as The Avid Editors of Facebook.

  3. What is the Best Video NLE Out There? from November 4, 2013 is discussed in the Final Cut Pro Video Editing group on LinkedIn and The Avid Editors of Facebook.

  4. The Commoditization of Digital Video Production from November 18, 2013 is discussed in the TV & FILM JOB LOOP group on LinkedIn.

  5. Mourning the Loss of Adobe in My Video Workflow from August 19, 2013 is discussed in the Digital Video Editing, Film & Video Editor and ProVideo Coalition groups on LinkedIn.

  6. Avid FX for the Adobe After Effects User from March 17, 2014 is discussed in The Avid Editors of Facebook and AVID EDITORS group on LinkedIn.

  7. My Problem with Adobe Creative Cloud from June 3, 2013 is discussed in the Boston Creative Professionals group on LinkedIn.

  8. Creative Professionals: Learn By Doing from February 3, 2014 is discussed in the TV & FILM JOB LOOP group on LinkedIn.

  9. Restoring Video With Premiere Pro and YouTube from February 10, 2014 is discussed in the Adobe Software Users group on LinkedIn.

I hope we can continue the discussions in the coming years. The best exchange of information is always a two-way conversation. I look forward to continuing the discussion next week.

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